Advanced materials and processes require a different approach to design. Manufacturability and simulation must be incorporated early in the design process to take full advantage of the opportunities they offer.

We have assembled a team of experts with decades of experience in a variety of applications specifically for advanced materials and processes. Our objective is to incorporate engineering, analysis and manufacturing early in the design process to reduce iterations, decrease weight, minimize costs, and make the most out of the materials and processes chosen for the specific application.


We can help bring manufacturability and simulation up-front in the design cycle, including:

  • Material selection and design

  • Manufacturability assessments

  • Structural design for lightweighting

  • Costing

  • 3D modeling


We use simulation and detailed analysis to help drive design decisions and identify critical areas early. We can provide:

  • As-manufactured simulation

  • Progressive failure for lightweighting

  • Modal

  • Buckling

  • Thermal


We will assess the manufacturing requirements of your design and help drive decisions to lower costs and increase manufacturability.

  • Construction documentation

  • Assembly

  • Process engineering assistance

  • Supply chain identification




High end yachts, motorsports, aerospace, automotive, to consumer products - we have a team of experts to help meet your objectives for lightweighting, structural and manufacturability requirements.


Bringing a new product to market can be a daunting endeavor. Leverage our diverse network of material suppliers, test labs, design firms, and manufacturing companies to complete your project.


Using finite element analysis tools, it is possible to drastically narrow your design space before committing to physical prototypes. Save precious time and money by virtually testing your designs so that only a few physical tests are needed instead of building and testing unnecessary design iterations.


Our processes and methods are transparent as we aim to have an open, honest, and fair line of communication with our customers.


As projects move beyond the starting line, the original vision usually changes. We are committed to being flexible to maximize the value to you.


Our partners are experts in design, engineering, and manufacturing of advanced materials and processes. We select our partners carefully to ensure we provide the most value to our customers over the entire design process, allowing for easy access to industry experts for the duration of the project.

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