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Join us May 21st, at 2:45 to learn about a novel approach to simulate the influence of slicing parameters on the structural behavior of fiber reinforced plastics. 

Simulation for Structural Integrity of Manufactured 3D Printed Parts

This presentation addresses the technical challenge of predicting structural performance of fiber-reinforced 3D printed parts. Additive Manufacturing offers the product/design engineer tremendous freedom to create parts not achievable by traditional processes. However, 3D printed parts exhibit a multitude of print parameters and process anomalies that dramatically impact the ultimate performance of the part. Examples of print parameters include the lattice infill mesostructure and density, matrix and fiber properties, and fiber volume fraction. Processing issues include print-induced voids, delamination between print layers, warping produced by residual stresses, and anisotropic material behavior.

The research presented is aimed at quantifying the combined effects of process anomalies and controllable print parameters on structural performance. A primary challenge to achieving a high-fidelity solution is that deformation and failure mechanisms occur over multiple geometric scales. For instance, the (i) structural scale is generally designed in a CAD environment by a product/design engineer. Additional scales impacting structural performance include the (ii) infill lattice density and geometry, (iii) lattice walls where voids will occur between print beads, (iv) a short-fiber composite material model, and (v) a decomposition to the stress state at the individual fiber and matrix levels.

Doug Kenik

VP of Product

Brady Adams


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