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Teton Composites Offers Finite Element Analysis Services

Updated: Dec 14, 2017

Laramie, WY, December 13, 2017– Teton Composites is pleased to announce the formation of its Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Service Business. The business specializes in helping clients design and analyze complex composite structures, providing fundamental baseline designs while also reducing expensive iterations between design and testing.

“We’re building a highly skilled technical team that will have the capacity to analyze both continuous and chopped fiber filled structures. This unique simulation capability is very specialized and very necessary. It is critical that a company developing a composite component fully understand performance before manufacturing.”  – Rick Dalgarno, Director of Analysis Services, Teton Composites

Composite structural components continue to see widespread growth in many industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Watercraft, Sporting Goods and Renewable Energy. The real challenge with any industry’s adoption of composites is how best to design structures to minimize material while maximizing performance. Teton’s expertise shines in this regard with deep competency in areas of progressive failure analysis, vibration analysis and buckling theory.

“Teton’s capabilities are a rare find in the industry. I initially used their services some years ago when their team was with Firehole Composites. Their composite material analysis capabilities truly pave the way for successful product launches.”- Mark Bishop, President, Waterfront Composite Solutions.

Teton is also working on an advanced stress analysis tool for evaluating structural integrity of “as manufactured” parts made by additive manufacturing. The National Science Foundation (NSF) is currently funding the development.

 The company expects to release its first software product in late 2018.


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