Using Smart Slice

Defining a use case

(add a screenshot of the use case UI once it is finalized)

A use case is defined as a collection of anchors and loads. Definitions and restrictions related to use cases are defined here:

  • A minimum of 1 anchor surface and 1 load surface must be defined to have a valid use case.

  • An anchor surface is fixed in space. In other words, anchor surfaces are prevented from moving.

  • Load surfaces are regions where loads are applied to the part. In addition to selecting a surface for a load, the magnitude and direction of the load must be specified.

  • Units for load magnitude are Newtons (N).

  • An arrow is shown on load surfaces and it is used to indicate the direction of the load.

  • Additional anchors and loads can be created by selecting the "Add" button. To delete an existing anchor or load, click the "-" button.

  • (add a note explaining the different types of surfaces that can be selected once that tech is fully developed)

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