Getting Started

Essentials workflow video

This is an outline for the video that needs to be produced once Smart Slice is at or near MVP capabilities.

  1. Open a part

  2. Choose a printer, material, and print core

  3. Select a stand print profile and have a popup that says that Smart Slice takes into consideration all of the main geometric print settings and list the main settings in the popup.

  4. Switch to Smart Slice and have a popup that says this is where you interact with Smart Slice.

  5. In a popup, explain that the 1st step is to define a use case.

  6. New popup, “a use case consists of anchor surfaces and loaded surfaces”.

  7. New popup, explain that flat and cylindrical surfaces can be selected and show examples of the face selection options.

  8. Select the surfaces.

  9. New popup, explain what the requirements are and enter them.

  10. New popup explaining what Validate means and press the button.

  11. After validation, review the results and explain that you can (a) continue manually adjusting the print settings and iterating or (b) do an Optimize.

  12. New popup explaining what Optimize means and press the button.

  13. When results table comes back, popup explaining what is in the table and how they can be sorted.

  14. Select the top ranked results, and preview it showing the global settings and the mod mesh settings.

  15. Return to the results table, select a result that is significantly different, preview it, and discuss that it is up to the user which one they want to use.

  16. Show that the results can be saved when Cura is closed.

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